Why social and political activism needs BASTA!

It meets the needs of today’s social and political activism to have a distinct identity and a stronger voice.
Discover below the 4 pillars of this research-based project

Below, we expand on the four constitutive blocks of this research-based project whose mission is to give a distinct identity and a stronger voice to social and political activism.

It aims at responding to the 9 weaknesses identified in today’s practices of social and political activism. It builds on the study of essential theoretical foundations of activism, protests and nonviolent public actions, and on the analysis of 4 (un)successful social campaigns and political protests.

Based on this research, a new symbol has been created. This is understood in various languages and is largely received in numerous cultural contexts. It is customisable with targeted slogans according to linguistic needs and creative preferences. It can be used for numerous social issues and political matters. It can be displayed on a large variety of activism merchandise usable in conventional and alternative tactics.

A selection of BASTA! products showing several slogans formulated using different verbal formulae and templates in many languages and on various social and political topics is available in the external shop(s).



XÉNOPHOBIE : BASTA! (Ré)agissons


Violencia contra la mujer, Digamos ¡ BASTA !




Gewalt gegen Frauen ? Stopp, Nein, BASTA !


Гомофобия. Собрались, чтобы сказать БАСТА!

£ 15.99

Io dico BASTA! femminicidio. E tu?


Și eu spun BASTA! homofobia