NO logos and slogans with similar protest symbolic power at both global and local level

The international reach of logos and slogans is often at the cost of local impact, while the strong local impact of logos and slogans is often at the price of a restricted reach.

Current logos and slogans do not show a protest symbolic power capable of striking the right balance between global reach and local impact.

This shortfall influences activists’ decision-making process that, in turn, affects the reach of the activism action. It forces campaigners to face the dilemma between logos and slogans formulated in either the widely understood English or in a local language. Those in English may attract international attention and give a transational reach to the action. However, they may have a weak impact at local level. Those nationally and linguistically bound may have a strong impact at local level, but their international use, success and power may remain restricted giving to the action a local reach.

#ILoveGay is an example of a symbol that for the same campaign in different countries exploits a basic message and the widespread understanding of English. However, the formulation of the message for the rest of the slogan in English or local language remains an open communication dilemma.

The expression ‘Io non ci sto’ has a strong impact in the Italian culture. It recalls the firm disapproval position expressed in 1993 by the then President Scalfaro, and is equated to banging a fist on the table in sign of protest. However, its translation into different languages (e.g. I do not accept this) does not have the same powerful connotation.

Some actions have opted for the alternative of bilingual logos and slogans with the aim (or hope) to attract simultaneously international and national attention and have a similar impact at global and local level. However, this is a compromise, and the power of the action and its communication is its direct consequence.

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Meme #ILoveGay

A slogan with a strong impact at national level but without the same connotation when translated into other languages

Bilingual messages for the protest against secretly-filmed spycam pornography. South Korea June 2018 Jung Hawon/AFP/Getty Images

Campaign in Italy in 2015 linking LGBT rights with Human Rights and using a bilingual slogan

Logo for the IDAHOT day in Germany in 2016 using a bilingual slogan



XÉNOPHOBIE : BASTA! (Ré)agissons


Violencia contra la mujer, Digamos ¡ BASTA !




Gewalt gegen Frauen ? Stopp, Nein, BASTA !


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Io dico BASTA! femminicidio. E tu?


Și eu spun BASTA! homofobia