NO impact at international level and NO engagement at local level

When slogans are formulated in different languages, the meaning and impact of an action can be lost in translation. When slogans are formulated in English everywhere, they might fail to make activists feel engaged and empowered.

The coordination of a meaningful and strong communication campaign with an equivalent transnational impact remains a linguistic challenge.

When the core message of an activism action is expressed in different languages, its meaning can be lost in translation. This may weaken the international impact of the message and restrict the power of the action to geographical and lingustic boundaries. When the core message of an activism action is formulated in English, it can be understood everywhere. However, engaging and sensitising simultaneously and in the same way activists in various countries and of different cultures can be hard to achieve.

A common element in the symbol (e.g. (h)etero in the slogans here on the right) included in messages formulated in different languages can help conveying the idea that they all concern the same ‘hetero’ topic.

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The same massage does not always have the same impact when it is conveyed in different languages

The common word (H)ETERO in 11 out of 14 languages using the Latin alphabet can help to understand that the different slogans concern the same 'hetero' topic



XÉNOPHOBIE : BASTA! (Ré)agissons


Violencia contra la mujer, Digamos ¡ BASTA !




Gewalt gegen Frauen ? Stopp, Nein, BASTA !


Гомофобия. Собрались, чтобы сказать БАСТА!

£ 15.99

Io dico BASTA! femminicidio. E tu?


Și eu spun BASTA! homofobia